3 Ways To Stay Organized As An Entrepreneur

As someone fairly new to the entrepreneur world, it can be difficult to find what to do and where to look for credible information about starting a business. There are different methods, several different people saying their way is the best way, and many similar businesses. Once you find your niche and what works for you, it’s important to stay organized.

Have a Plan

The first thing I learned is that planning is essential. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to use a physical planner. It can be the calendar that comes with your phone, or any other app that allows you to plan. Personally, I flip between Google calendar and a physical planner. I prefer writing my events down opposed to just typing them all out in a calendar.

Without keeping your appointments, bookings, events, meetings, etc., organized and planned out, you run the risk of overbooking yourself. You wouldn’t want to forget about a meeting with a brand, influencer, or anyone that would help advance the business. You also wouldn’t want to forget about a friend or family member that you planned to spend time with.

Don’t Cancel on Yourself

Another thing I find useful is before saying yes, double check your schedule to make sure it’s convenient for you. If you already planned to work from 10am to 3pm and your friends want to get brunch, are you going to say yes and throw off your work? Would reworking the rest of your day benefit everyone, or just them? Would going out for two to three hours prevent you from getting the rest of your work done? These questions should be asked before saying yes or no to anything if you’re running your own business.

Learn From Others

Lastly, learning from others has helped me stay organized as an entrepreneur. Learning what works and what doesn’t work has helped me weed the garden of confusion to avoid wasting time. However, I take whatever I read with a grain of salt. I’ve come across things that don’t work for other people but work perfectly well for me, and vice versa.

Overall, being an entrepreneur is exciting, scary, confusing, and challenging. However, if you keep everything organized, these things can remain under control. Taking an hour or so each week to sit down and go over your plan will help in the long run. On a smaller scale, planning for a few minutes each day will help organize your thoughts and keep you on task for what’s to come.