If you could only have one app on your phone (aside from the apps that phones already come with), which one would you choose? It’s so easy to choose social media first because that’s where we spend most of our time. I took a survey on Instagram Sunday night and these were the responses.

If you could only download one app to your phone (aside from the defaults that already come with the phone), which would you choose?


VSCO is a photo editing app that allows you to add filters, increase or decrease contrast, exposure, sharpness, clarity, and so many more features to make your picture come to life. I’ve been using VSCO on and off for years and now it’s becoming the new Instagram. You can publish your pictures on there and create a feed by following other people and publishing your own pictures. I love using VSCO to lighten my images, create a bolder contrast, and sharpen any image that might be ever so slightly blurry.


I recently discovered SleepCycle thanks to a friend who recommended it. He’s been using SleepCycle for years now and swears by it. The way it works is at night, you leave your phone plugged in charging and allow the app to have access to your microphone. Once you’re asleep, it senses movement and noise to detect how deep of a sleep you’re in and when that deepest sleep occurs. I’ve been using SleepCycle for a few days now. So far it’s extremely accurate but once I start using it on a more consistent basis I’ll have a better opinion on it.


Some people are Safari users, and some are Google users. I tend to flip back and forth, depending on what device I’m using at the time. While using Google as your search engine is fine, the Chrome app doesn’t do a very good job with privacy and data protection. Safari and Firefox are more concerned with privacy. Safari is also more energy efficient as far as battery usage and search speed go. However, Google can be used on any platform, whether it be Mac or Windows. Safari is strictly limited to Mac.


Personally, I use the native mail app that comes with the iPhone and the Gmail app. Why? Because it allows me to keep my work emails separate from my personal. Keeping them separate allows me to strictly monitor one and not the other and not accidentally send a message from one when I meant to send it from the other. I always try to keep work and personal life as separate as possible so this is just another clever way to do it.


Twitter has become a news outlet for so many people. While there can be fake news floating around there, there can also be a lot of good, quick updates from news channels, sports journalists, reporters, and celebrities. Current events and popular topics trend every few seconds so they make it easy to see what’s trending at a glance.

Tik tok

Honestly, I was shocked about how many people chose this app as their only app. I jumped on the Tik Tok boat very late in the game but now I understand what I was missing out on. I always thought it was similar to Vine, but the dances and comedy on there are fantastic. I find myself scrolling through there whenever I need a mental break.

The app that I chose as my “must-have” app is MyFitnessPal. This app has been by my side since college. I learned how to meal prep, portion out food, and realize how little/how much I eat. MFP helped me get back on track with healthy eating and keeps me organized so that I know what to bring to work. It’s so much easier to plan and track everything the night before instead of scrambling the morning of and wondering if I packed enough food.

Of course there is no right or wrong answer to this question. My phone is home to both personal and professional apps but I keep the professional ones tucked away in a separate folder so that I’m not tempted to go on them during off work hours. It’s all based on your needs and what you mainly use your phone for. Comment your favorite or must-have apps below!