Essential Items for Work

My work bag carries my life essentially. I’m out of the house 12-15 hours a day so anything and everything I would need can be found in this bag. My main backpack that I use is from Amazon and can be found here. This backpack has so many pockets, compartments, and even has the ability to charge your phone! I’ve been using this backpack since junior or senior year of college and it has travelled with me from class, to work, to different states and countries.

Inside my work bag, I always have pens. I never leave the house without them. I typically use the Pilot G2 pens and have them in every color they come in. When I was in college, I used to keep some random off brand pens in the mix just in case someone asked to borrow one and I didn’t want to give out my good pens #sorrynotsorry. I also have a few highlighters in there as well just in case, but I don’t really use them. All of these are kept in a pen bag so they’re not being thrown around loosely.

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

I always have a notebook and my planner in my bag as well. This may seem counterproductive to have both but there’s a reason for it. My planner has a notes section but it’s small and I tend to fill it up quickly. Having a notebook on me allows me to quickly jot down thoughts and ideas for this blog, for social media and for planning content. I also use the notebook for meal prep ideas and notes about a particular client if I’m working on site. I use my planner for everything else. I write my goals for the day, things to do, appointments, private lessons, basically anything I have going on for the day or week

I also keep my personal laptop in my work bag at all times. There have been plenty of times where I’m on site and need something from my office computer but don’t have a means by which to access it. Now that I am a full time employee and not just an apprentice, I have a connection to the office that runs through my laptop. This allows me to log time, access files, take notes, or run programs that are work specific without killing my laptop.

The last few small things that I keep with me are AirPods, vitamins, blue light repelling glasses and essential oils. These are pretty self explanatory. Work can get really quiet when we are all in our own little bubbles. Listening to music or podcasts allows me to focus on what I’m working on at the moment. I always keep vitamins with me bc #health. But seriously though, vitamins are essential because we don’t get all the proper vitamins and minerals that we need from food. I recently ordered blue light glasses from Amazon and they have been a life saver. There have been so many times where I’ll leave work with a headache from staring at the computer all day and my eyes will feel dry and drained. The blue light glasses help prevent blue waves from hitting your eyes for hours on end. Blue light waves also keep you awake at night so I tend to wear them even if I’m just on my phone before bed. Lastly, I keep essential oils with me. Slightly unconventional, but they have so many different uses. My two favorites are peppermint and lemon. Peppermint helps with congestion, headaches, and lifts your senses to stay awake. Lemon is typically for detoxing and cleaning, but I just like smelling it throughout the day.

I know this was somewhat of a longer post, but I thought it would be fun to go through what I carry around in my bag with me every day. If you have any suggestions for things I can add, or want to share what you take to work with you, drop them below in the comments!