Top 3 Tech Cities to Work In

When I was in college (wow, that makes me sound old when I’m really not), students would always say that they wanted to move to Seattle or LA or Southern California because, “That’s where all the tech jobs are.” While this may be true to a degree, you don’t necessarily need to pick up your entire life and move cross country just to land a job in IT. There are plenty of cities across the United States that offer a sea of tech jobs ranging from no experience needed, to senior-level professionals.

According to CompTIA 2019, the number one city to work is Austin, Texas, and you know what they say about Texas. Even the technology is bigger there. Texas is already home to Dell, Google, Facebook, and now Apple. The city is littered with everything from well-known mega corporations down to small startups that are just trying to make a name for themselves. 

The second best city to find a tech job completely threw me off guard since I never would have thought of this place. Coming in at number two is Raleigh, North Carolina. I thought for sure it was going to be New York or somewhere on the West Coast. What seems to be appealing to IT professionals is the economy and surrounding area. The cost of living doesn’t break the bank, surrounding the city are universities and medical centers, and young talent is at a high. Some of the more popular and well-known companies hiring in Raleigh now are IBM, Verizon, INFOSYS, and Lenovo.

Ranking third on the list is San Jose, California. The main attraction here is the weather. 300 out of 365 days are sunny there. This area is most famous for being part of the well-known Silicon Valley. Tech giants such as Adobe, Google, Cisco, and Apple can be found here. However, the overall cost of living is much higher than that of Raleigh, North Carolina so the big paychecks don’t seem so big after paying for the cost of living. This area has attracted a widely diverse area over the years and has molded into a metropolitan area with something for everyone.

If I had to choose one, I would go to Raleigh. San Jose sounds amazing for a young person just starting out like myself but Raleigh offers a wide variety of tech positions from Help Desk Technician to being in charge of biotechnology in a hospital. Biotechnology is coming full force to the medical field and it will be exciting to see how it progresses in the technology field.